Your Manhattan, KS Local Birthday Party Resource

Planning a children’s birthday party can be stressful. There is the process of picking a theme, preparing your home, figuring out what to do with all the guests, and then there is the pain of cleaning up afterward. We have great birthday party ideas for your child’s upcoming birthday and you will be the hero for choosing us for your kids birthday party!

We have worked to make this process completely stress free! We can take care of the whole party for you. Not only will it be easy for you, but more importantly it will be FUN for your child. Regardless if your child is going for their blackbelt or has never taken a martial arts class in their life. This party will be fun for everyone!

We will have a trained instructor supervising and coordinating the party from beginning to end! You’ll never see the kids running wild or standing around bored either. The party will be customized to your desires, but we will offer designed drills and games making it fun for everyone from aged 4 to 40. We’ll even let the kids break a board.

Everyone will have a great time! You’ll be a hero to your kids and you will not have broken your back or your wallet.